“I work for ADRA in order to better contribute to the development of the country by empowering local herder communities through pasture holistic management. “

- Ganchimeg Dorj


“I work for ADRA because it aligns with my divine calling to serve and make a positive impact on vulnerable communities.”

- Otgonbolor Gansukh

Төслийн туслах ажилтан (PLUS)


I work for ADRA because it embodies the values of respect for diversity and equality. ADRA treats people with fairness and impartiality, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, gender, economic status, political affiliations, or religious beliefs. Being part of an organization that upholds these principles is meaningful to me, as it reflects my own commitment to inclusivity and humanitarian work.

- Odontuya Purevdorj

Орон нутгийн ажилтан (PLUS)