Түгээмэл асуултууд (FAQs)

А: ADRA нь юу гэсэн үг вэ?

Х: АДРA гэдэг нь Адвентист Хөгжил Туслалцааны Агентлаг гэсэн үг юм.

Q: Where does ADRA operate?

A: ADRA operates in more than 118 countries worldwide, reaching out to vulnerable communities in various regions.

Q: Is ADRA affiliated with any religious or political groups?

A: ADRA is a faith-based organization and operates independently and provides assistance to individuals and communities regardless of their religious, ethnic, or political affiliations.

Q: Is ADRA a non-profit organization?

A: Yes, ADRA is a non-profit organization dedicated to humanitarian work and development initiatives.

Q: What does ADRA do?

A: ADRA is a global humanitarian organization that focuses on development projects, provides relief during emergencies, advocates for social justice, and works on disaster risk reduction in over 118 countries.

Q: What type of projects does ADRA implement?

A: ADRA implements projects in areas like education, health, agriculture, livelihood, and responding to emergencies during disasters to improve living conditions and support development.

Q: How does ADRA respond to emergencies and disasters?

A: ADRA responds to emergencies by providing immediate relief assistance, including food, shelter, medical care, and other essential supplies to affected communities.

Q: Does ADRA work on long-term development projects or only respond to emergencies?

A: ADRA works on both long-term development projects and responds to emergencies. They focus on sustainable development while being prepared to provide rapid assistance during crises.

Q: How can I support ADRA’s work?

A: You can support ADRA’s humanitarian efforts through donations, volunteering, or raising awareness about our projects and different advocacies. 

Q: How does ADRA ensure accountability and transparency?

A: ADRA follows strict accountability and transparency standards to ensure that donations and resources are used effectively and efficiently in its projects.