Pasture Land - Use It Sustainably (PLUS) Project

  • Donors: ADRA Switzerland – Zurich and Aargau cantons 
  • Budget: 292,933 CHF
  • Duration: 3 years (1 June 2021 to 31 May 2024)
  • Focus area: Local Herder Communities in Ider soum of Zavkhan aimag
  • Beneficiary Partners: 100 herder households

The sustainability of herder communities’ livelihoods in Ider soum is increased with the adoption of Holistic Management (HM) of pastures.


Strength capacity of herder community and local government through planned grazing using the Holistic Management (HM) approach.


  • The knowledge about the HM approach is disseminated and applied by herder communities in Ider soum.
  • The income of herders’ household increased through improved quality of milk/milk products sold to local markets and through enhanced management capacity of female herders.
  • Herder communities are empowered to take informed grazing management decisions thanks to the data from Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV).


  • The pilot project conducted and completed the five-series of the “On Demand Holistic Management (HM) online training participated by 10 selected stakeholders and representatives from relevant organizations or agencies that work on rangeland and/or pastureland management.
  • Completed the translation of Holistic Land and Livestock Management (HLLM) manuals of Savory Institute to be used in rangeland and pastureland management applications.
  • The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ADRA and Zavkhan Provincial Government was signed during the official launch of the project.
  • Series of awareness and project activities on the PLUS project was conducted during the spring season in 2021 including the introduction of the Holistic Management approach attended by the target 100 herder households with representatives from the Ider District local government.
  • A total of 12 online and onsite meetings for local herders and other stakeholders regarding Pasture Grazing Planning, Holistic Management approach, Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV), as well as good milk production and good hygiene practices, were conducted for 287 (142m; 145f) by Savory Institute experts in Ider district in 2022.
  • Enclosed four spaces and fenced in a total of 3.5-hectare areas of pastureland in 4 baghs (subdistricts): 1 ha in Darkhan-Uul, 1 ha in Manuustai, 1 ha in Zagastai and 0.5 ha in Tsetserlag baghs in cooperation with the local government. The fenced areas will act as a test site for showcasing the importance of grass recovery time when there are no animals to graze on it.