ADRA responded to dzud!

Dzud was challenging for all herders, but they all managed to survive. We made every effort to assist them as well.

PLUS Project March Monitoring Trip, 2023

The “PLUS” project has been ongoingly carried out in the Zavkhan province’s Ider soum.

SAFER II project in Bayan-Ulgii province (EOP)

Our SAFER II project has been successfully implemented in Bayan-Ulgii province.

In-Their-Shoes Project

In-Their-Shoes provided food products and 50 warm shoes to 100 families. This project is funded by voluntary contributions from employees.

POAg (EOP) Project Report

The project is being implemented in Selenge Province. Thank you for partnering with us during 2018-2022.

Fine Wool Project

The overall goal of the pilot project is to assist in the revival of fine wool flocks in Mongolia.

Herders adopts grazing plan / PLUS Project

The Pasture Land Use It Sustainably (PLUS) Project through cooperation with the Savory Institute works with women herders of Zavkhan Province on how to properly manage their pastureland to increase productivity, biodiversity and economic well-being.

PLUS Project 2022 highlights

We thank you for working and partnering with us. Here is an overview of the main activities implemented by the “Pasture Land – Use it Sustainably” PLUS project in 2022. TO BE CONTINUED IN 2023.

ADRA Mongolia 2021 Annual report

ADRA Mongolia 2022 Annual report