“I am working in ADRA Mongolia’s Upscaling Partnership for Organic Agriculture project, and I take pride in contributing to the development of organic agriculture in Mongolia, promoting the production of healthy and reliable food.”

- Delgersaikhan enkhsaikhan

project manager

” I’m beginning my journey with ADRA to immerse myself in the distinctive culture of a humanitarian organization. I believe that each effort I contribute will play a part in advancing humanitarian work and fostering positive change.

- Munkhjargal Nyamsuren

MEAL Officer

“ADRA is helping communities grow and improve. I am proud of our team and thankful for the positive changes we bring to the projects we work on, and for making a difference in people’s lives.”

- Enkhtsetseg Ganzorig

Marketing Officer


“I work for ADRA because it is a humanitarian organization that makes a positive impact on communities. Thanks to my work at ADRA I have opportunities to help others which makes me happy and at peace. I respect, love my work and what we do.”

- Baigalmaa Badamgarav

Marketing Officer

“I work for ADRA Mongolia because the organization’s dedication to fairness, impartiality, inclusivity, and humanitarian work resonates with my values. I am committed to promoting positive change in the community, and I believe effective communication is a powerful tool to achieve this goal.”

- Tuul Tumur

PGS/Communication Officer


“I am working because it is more blessed to give than to receive, and I love helping people.”

- Tsatsral Dorjlhavga


“I appreciate my role at ADRA as it fosters collective development towards a promising future for all.”

- Chantsal Nina



“As a humanitarian development organization, it creates a positive impact, and that’s why I’m eager to contribute through my work.”

- Delgermaa Sosor

Field Officer