Seed Saving Training


The training in seed saving has two parts which are: technical sessions conducted by ADRA personnel were the importance of saving seed is explained as well as the basic understanding of different kinds of seed, and on the other hand an introduction to seed saving methods for specific vegetables grown by the cooperatives. This training is followed-up by hands on training with each HH in the project locations. This involves planning the participant’s garden to have sufficient space for plants for harvest and plants for seed. The project staff coaches each HH on how to identifying the plants to be saved for seed, and the methods of preparing each one for storage over winter. The coaching also includes the provision of technical information on selecting desirable characteristics for seed (earliness, disease resistance, insect resistance, drought resistance, color, shape, size, productivity, storage ability, flavor, etc); the importance of population size for seed production to maintain genetic diversity; how to protect seed from cross pollination; seed cleaning and winnowing methods, and seed storage techniques.