SAFE Project

Public awarenceThis project is an integrated approach to establish food security in one of the poorest and most remote urban areas in the country, Bayan Ulgii Province. The ultimate goal of the36 month long project is “Improved food security for 410 female and male cooperative members and their families who are vulnerable because of climate change in Bayan Ulgii, Mongolia. The project provides sustainable economic development and poverty reduction measures that are based upon the Cooperative model. The project accomplishes its aims by promoting the creation and sustainability of legally registered Cooperatives through the provision of business development services, knowledge of innovative and climate sensitive approaches and techniques for local food production, micro-business training and improved value chain linkages. Capacity building training and technical assistance in key areas of cooperative development was provided to 8 newly established cooperatives in 2015. This was done to increase the effectiveness of the targeted rural cooperatives in order to manage the priorities and interests of its female and male members and increase their household income through the sales of vegetables and products with added value.

The project builds on the experiences and successes from the previous ADRA/CFGB “Sustainable Economic & Agriculture Learning”(SEAL)project which improved food security for 600 vulnerable families in the Bayan-ulgii province. The former SEAL project’s self-help groups (SHGs)who have now established a cooperative with a plan to transit from small scale family gardening to commercial scale cooperative agriculture.