MEAL Project

DSCN5218MEAL project initiated cooperation with 1100 households at Bayanzurkh, Khan-Uul, Songino-Khairkhan, Chingeltei and Sukhbaatar district in the scope of main objectives of the project.
The third year of the project, all households received vegetable and potato seeds, and 600 households received solar greenhouse construction materials. All households received refresher permaculture and agriculture trainings to improve their gained knowledge in the previous years. Spring/fall activities and trainings, such as soil preparation, harvesting and storing vegetables, and household food security awareness including how to prepare nutritious food were conducted. In collaboration with Micro Economic Development program of ADRA Mongolia, 20 Self Help Groups were established. The main purpose of this component was to generate and ensure the long-term sustainability of agricultural-related income through selling vegetables and preserve them, hence improving the participant’s livelihoods.