HOPE Project

In 2015, HOPE project reached 345 children with different disabilities, 425 parents and 3000 community members by delivering CBR services in the targeted areas. During the project implementation, we have conducted a series of CBR trainings for the service providers to provide assistance to children with disabilities and to make the necessary changes to the environment and also the service delivery systems. Participants were local family hospital doctors, nurses, Khoroo social workers and CBR workers from Arkhangai province and Yarmag Sub district, as well as Nalaikh districts. In addition, we have developed CBR resource materials for the service providers in order to improve the service quality such as early detection and diagnoses of children with disabilities.

Rehabilitation services were provided for about 364 disabled children who received occupational and physical therapy, home visits and care in the targeted areas. The total number of parents of the children with disability who received of the training was 112. They were trained about home care services such as exercises at home, safety and security of the children and life skills trainings.
The total number of 90 parents\ caregivers received vocational training to support the general income of the family with disabled children. The trainings were conducted in 6 different areas which are more relevant to the need of the local labor market.