COIN Project

The project’s goal is to increase capacity of Bayankhan khishig’s cooperative union(CU) and to make the CU operationally and financially sustainable. In 2015, the project activities focused on increasing the capacity of CU leaders and staff in leadership and management, preparing them for agriculture and business development, and establishing a profitable value chain operation as well as creating sustainable income generation of CU. In 2015, CU leaders, board members, and staff attended various types of trainings on leadership, management, team work and business development. 14 CU trainers were trained about garden plots and green house gardening, permaculture, chicken farming, tree farming, vegetable reservation and root cellar maintenance. They gained necessary knowledge and skills to support operations of CU and member cooperatives. Also, a vegetable processing plant was established at CU, and started manufacturing 5 types of products with added value using vegetables grown naturally and supplied by the member cooperatives. The products were afterwards introduced to the local market.

Bayankhan khishig’s cooperative union developed a new local brand named “XAMT”. Under this brand, the CU launched 5 new products in July 2014: pickled beet root, pickled salad, pickled cucumbers, vacuumed cabbage kimchi, vacuumed carrot salad. After series of marketing campaigns to increase brand recognition, “XAMT” brand products are now being sold throughout Bayankhongor province including its rural soums. Local government and Chamber of commerce recognized the CU for its brand and products developed, and selected “XAMT brand as the best brand in the Bayankhongor province.