Education Program

ADRA Mongolia has a long term commitment to working with children with disabilities and has worked in this area since 2000 with donors including the EU, Norwegian Embassy, NZ, CIDA, SlovakAid and AusAid. Key successes include developing the first sign language dictionary approved by the Ministry of Education and a teacher training curriculum on inclusive education which is now a part of the national framework and is being taught at Mongolian universities and colleges. Another significant success includes developing early health diagnosis tools for children with cognitive disabilities (CwCD), education assessment tools for CwCD and referral system which has now become the national framework and implementation system. ADRA Mongolia uses a community based rehabilitation approach to work with disabled children.

Education program also focuses in other areas such as vocational training, non-formal education (literacy, life/health skills), and inclusive education, providing comprehensive programs for youth, young adults, unsupervised/street children and other vulnerable members of the society.

ADRA Mongolia’s Youth and Education Program continued its efforts to support educational access and opportunities for girls and boys of Mongolia. The program focused its attention on areas of vocational skills course, life and health skills, community based rehabilitation for disabled children (CBRC) and inclusive education for most marginalized children and adults in Mongolia, ensuring children with cognitive disabilities access to education and health care services in rural areas. In Community Based Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children we had diagnosed 11743 children with disabilities.


Besides, we worked successfully with the Ministry of Education and Science in preparing the educational module. We implemented education projects by cooperating with related ministry and governmental organizations.