Permaculture Practical Training/Coaching

Permaculture is based on creating closed ecosystems that are as natural as possible and meet all their own needs internally, such as supplying pest management, nutrients for all species, temperature control, soil building and maintenance, wind control, pollination, germination and pruning – ideally not needing any human management or inputs. ADRA facilitates the beneficiaries establishing closed ecosystems in their gardens through complimentary food production training that includes home industries such as honey production (bees pollinate the plants), chicken production (chickens provide fertilizer and pest management), and fruit tree orchards (providing wind control) into the operations of the cooperatives. Permaculture season extension methods include the use of renewable energy through passive solar greenhouses to grow more vegetables earlier in spring and later in autumn. Sustainable vegetable production training focuses on seed saving, soil fertility, natural pest management, water conservation and wind protection.

Practical Permacultural Training