Food Processing Training

food_preparation_trainingThe project is providing training in basic food processing skills. Methods include home-scale pickling, salting, drying, preserving with sugar, oil, alcohol, and lactic fermentation. The training is practical since it is using real materials available in the average Mongolian kitchen. The training also demonstrates that preserving food doesn’t always have to use costly consumable inputs such as boiling or freezing. The training is hands-on, allowing the HH members to practice all the skills themselves. They are also learning new recipes using different kinds of preserved food. Apart from using the vegetables and processed products for their own consumption, the HH members are also enabled to sell the products at the local khoroo’s market. Special events are held by the project in collaboration with the HHs in order to introduce the new types of processed foods to community members to. This is done through cooking competitions and taste surveys in the local markets.