AROC (ADRA Reaching Out to the Community) project deals with a community outreach holistic strategy. It helps volunteers to implement local health trainings (HT – also called HEALTH EXPOs). The aim is to work together with MM to empower churches to help ADRA reach the community and establish a local point where beneficiaries can get their basic primary health services. It introduces steps for successful application of Health EXPOs (further on referred to as HE) and aims to train individuals to gain health expertise. It aims to assist with achieving a higher standard of living in certain local communities of Mongolia.

It trains individual volunteers on how to approach, design and implement programs which will result in raising health awareness and a change in diets among participant as well as using GTS (Global Telehealth Services) and peripherals to monitor their health state.
The GTS running on smart tablets is communicating through Bluetooth with the following peripherals: Blood glucose meter, Handheld ECG (Electro Cardio Gram) monitor, Blood pressure monitor, Thermometer, Weight scale and Pulse Oximeter. Local volunteers help the community also by connecting with nearby Family Centers, hospitals, health institutions and government officials.