Beneficiary Portrait

Toiv (a 51 year-old man) lives in Tarailan soum in the eastern part of Khuvsgul aimag with his wife and their eight children. In 2003, after over a decade of unpredictable, inconsistent employment, he began taking small welding and machinery repairs jobs privately with his three sons in the soum center. Since then, he and his family have become well-known locally for their quality service. However, when Toiv approached the local commercial banks for business credit, he was turned away because his family did not have adequate collateral and his welding business was not officially registered, something that Toiv felt was beyond the capacity of his informal, start-up enterprise. Toiv joined as a member of one of the first SHGs in Tarialan in hopes of accessing business credit. In June 2006, Toiv’s fellow SHG members selected his business to receive the entire first cycle loan, approximately USD $300. Although this puts all his SHG’s…

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